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Linda Pierce Picciotto        

Linda Pierce Picciotto taught primary classes at South Park School in Victoria, British Columbia, for 25 years.  During that time she developed some programs that were very successful and popular with students and their parents.  The programs are open-ended, so they build skills and encourage creativity in all students.

These programs were included in four of her books published by Scholastic, and a large number of teachers throughout North America have used them in their own classrooms. Those books are now out of print, but revised and updated versions are available as ebooks shown below. The first two describe programs that are “ready-to-use,” with detailed instructions and forms to photocopy.  The third is a collection of forms for teachers, students, and parents for student assessment, with instructions on how to use them. The fourth consists of two illustrated articles describing her programs in art and writing.

The book Scientist of the Day was endorsed by the Science House Foundation. If you wish to see a video of the endorsement, please click here.

Teaching Geometry in the Primary Classroom and Teaching About Canadian Money are new ebooks by Linda Picciotto and her teaching partner, Debbie Marchand.  Each contains complete descriptions and activity sheets for eight "hands-on" activities or games that teachers can use in a station approach, as outlined in the books, or as individual class lessons. Favourite Math Lessons is a collection of math games and activities that have been very successful in Debbie's and Linda's primary classrooms over the years.  Instructions are clear and all recording sheets and playing boards are included, ready to photocopy. Learning to Solve Math Word Problems in the Primary Grades is a program Linda developed to help her students to think logically as they draw pictures or make marks to help them solve word problems. Over 30 problems are included, as well as a blank worksheet for the teacher or students to write their own problems.

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Linda and Debbie wrote a 190-page book entitled South Park School - Memories  Through the Decade which describes the history of  the school from its establishment in 1894 through 2006 using historical photographs, memoirs from students, parents and teachers, and with reference to local, national, and world events of the times. It can be viewed here.

New!!  Scientist of the Day is now available as a paperback book on Amazon.  Click here to purchase.