Teaching Geometry

in the Primary Classroom

A  Station Approach


an ebook by
Linda Picciotto and Debbie Marchand

Here is a complete, “ready to use” book of geometry lessons designed for primary students by two experienced teachers.

Linda and Debbie worked closely together for years and often designed programs which would allow the students in their two classes to meet together for shared experiences.

They decided to teach geometry using a station approach. Each station featured a different “hands on” activity and each was supervised by a “junior teacher” from a higher grade.

This book describes each station in detail, including materials needed and instructions for the station leader.  Especially- designed worksheets are included for each station.

The authors explain the organization of the program and provide forms that make the set up easy for teachers.  Special pre- and post-tests help with student assessment, and there is a form for student self-assessment to use when the study is complete.

All of the activities at the centres have been “kid tested” in the classroom. Teachers can use them as stand-alone class lessons if they do not wish to use the station approach.