Math Lessons


an ebook by
Linda Picciotto and Debbie Marchand

Favorite Math Lessons is a 45-page ebook by Linda Picciotto and Debbie Marchand.  It is a collection of the math games and activities for the primary grades that have proven to be favourites of theirs and their students. Teachers know that students focus better and learn more when they are engaged in well-designed, interesting, and enjoyable activities.  These lessons fit that description.

Students bowl to practice subtraction, roll dice to practice addition and subtraction, and figure out how many cubes are hidden under a cup.  In What's in the Bag?, an enjoyable probability exercise for the entire class, they predict the colours of the cubes in a bag. In Would you rather...? they complete three different graphs using data they collect by interviewing classmates.  All lessons include clear instructions and recording sheets for the students.