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Ideas and Forms

Teachers, Students, and Parents


an ebooklet by
Linda Pierce Picciotto

This 34-page ebooklet is a collection of forms to photocopy that are very useful to teachers. In the first part of the booklet Linda explains how to use each form and provides some background information about them. In the second part are the forms themselves, ready to be photocopied.

Scholastic published her book Evaluation: A Team Effort. It was a best seller in Canada and the U.S, where over 24,000 copies were sold. This booklet is based on the book, which is now out of print. The original forms have been updated and new ones have been added in this publication.

Linda developed the four Forms for Teachers to help her organize her notes about her students so that she would have them at hand for report card writing or conferring with parents. Many primary and intermediate teachers in her school and in other schools use them.

The six Forms for Students help children learn to access their own progress in the different academic and social areas. They love to complete the forms, and using them helps them start on the path to being more aware of and increasingly responsible for their own learning and behavior. They make a good addition to the report card package, for parents love to discuss them with their children. The Lily Pad Report is especially popular! These are geared for primary students, but they can be adapted by teachers of older children.

Included in the booklet are two Forms for Parents. One is designed to collect information about children and families that will help teachers come to know their students better, and the other provides a way to record what decisions have been made at a conference.

Linda also describes the way Student-Led Parent Conferences work at her school and illustrates two possible forms teachers can use to develop their own forms to use in their conferences or perhaps at a special family evening in the classroom.