In Linda's Primary Classroom

Art and Writing Programs


e-articles by
Linda Pierce Picciotto

Art in My Primary Classroom is a 20-page e-article describing how Linda  incorporates art into her primary classroom activities. She explains how important art is in helping students to express themselves and to grow in self-confidence. She discusses how she introduces a wide variety of art experiences during or after field trips or inspired by classroom or school visitors such as musicians and artists. She explains how she uses art during routine or special classroom activities, such as in the students' daily writing and drawing practice, after reading and discussing books or stories, and in order to support her students' learning in social studies and science. Assignments such as Halloween paintings and Mother's Day booklets are designed in such a way that each child will be able to use his or her own ideas within a framework. Students even use their drawing skills to solve word problems in math.

The book is richly illustrated with students' drawings, photographs of the students at work, and of many of their artistic creations. Primary teachers will find many ideas they will be able to use in their own classrooms.

Writing Together in My Primary Classroom is an 11-page e-article describing some of the many different ways Linda incorporates writing into her classroom program. She believes that modeling writing for the students helps them increase their own writing and reading abilities, and when the writing has meaning to the students—and especially if it’s fun!—students will engage actively in the lessons.  In this article she gives many illustrated examples of different kinds of writing activities which teachers may want to include in their classroom programs.