Scientist of the Day

A Classroom or Home Science Program for Students Ages 6-12


an ebook by
Linda Pierce Picciotto

Kids love science experiments! Scientist of the Day is a program where each student in a class or each child in a home-school program (or just at home!) has an opportunity to choose, practice, and present an experiment.

What makes this collection of 46 experiments unique is that it includes only those which can be performed by young students in front of their classmates or in a home setting in no more than 5 to 10 minutes. No experiments are included that require boiling, freezing, waiting for a long time for results, or are dangerous. The brief scientific explanations are clear and correct.

Detailed instructions tell the young scientists exactly what to do and when to pause to ask questions. Students practice their experiment at home so that they will know what to do and what to say when they are the Scientist of the Day at school.

All demonstrations are interesting to watch and are designed to engage children by asking them to make predictions, discuss results, and then record their observations with their own drawings on specially designed forms in their science notebooks.

Scientist of the Day is also perfect for parents or grandparents who want a collection of experiments that are easy to set up, work well, and will interest their children or grandchildren. The suggested questions will help the adults to enrich the activity.

Some students may be inspired to continue their studies to become “not just for a day” scientists!