The Scientist of the Day program is wonderfully easy to use. My students are able to practice their presenting skills, while also  
being the expert on a certain experiment. The students are all engaged  in watching the "scientist" because it is one of their own. I brought  in a white men's dress shirt and goggles for my students to wear while  presenting, which really gets them involved. Parents have also told me that they are able to do the experiment at home together which was great for family bonding time. It is wonderful to give our families activities that they can participate in together.

Andrea Koenig
3rd Grade
Nampa, Idaho

Kaleb Archuleta  performing 
  "Spear It!"


From a parent whose son Corbin was scheduled to perform “Eggshell Power” in Mrs. Gardner’s Grade 3 class in Nampa, Idaho:

I thought it was fabulous. Usually my boys hate doing homework, but we all sat together as a family and did it together.  I have 3 boys and they were ALL interested in this hands on approach. As simple as it was, it was the first time I have seen all my boys doing homework together. Straightforward and simple, yet fun and informative. Honestly, Corbin was laughing his head off because he couldn't believe the eggs were holding the books.



Linda has created an excellent book that greatly enhances the science curriculum for students of many ages. The experiments are clearly laid out so they are easy to follow. Both the parents and students in my class really enjoy working together at home to prepare the experiments so they can be presented at school.

As a teacher, I particularly appreciate the organizational materials that are included in the book, like the introductory letter to the parents and the forms for setting up the schedule for the students' presentations. My students all loved being the "Scientist of the Day." Thank you for including the scientific explanations of the experiments. I learned a lot from them.

Debbie Marchand
Grade One/TwoTeacher
South Park Family School
Victoria, BC