Parent Conferences

an ebook by
Linda Pierce Picciotto

Student-Led Parent Conferences describe the conferences that Linda and her teaching partner at South Park School began and which have grown in popularity in Victoria schools and elsewhere. At South Park they are used at all grade levels, K-5.

By teaching students how to take charge of showing their parents their work and demonstrating and discussing both how and what they have been learning in the different curriculum areas, students grow in self-confidence. Parents are impressed by how much their children know about their own development and their understanding of what they need to do to grow in skills and knowledge.

This 75-page ebook is an update of Linda's book published by Scholastic which sold many thousand copies in the US and Canada. Included are many examples of activities she and other primary teachers have set up at different centres in the classroom or elsewhere in the school that families visit together during the conferences. Included also are a variety of forms that can be photocopied or adapted and some samples of conference programs that will inspire teachers to design their own that fit their own teaching styles.